Prawn Madras

Fairly hot dish of shrimp cooked in a spicy sauce

Prawn Vindalo

Very hot dish of shrimp cooked in a spicy sauce

Sag Prawn

cooked with spinach in a medium spiced sauce

King Prawn Jalfrezi

Jumbo Prawns cooked with fresh

King Prawn Korai

Medium Spiced Jumbo Prawn cooked in a thick gravy sauce with onions, herbs, tomatoes and green peppers

King Prawn Dansak

Jumbo Prawn cooked in lentils to a slightly hot, sweet and sour taste

King Prawn Korma

very mild with thick creamy sauce

King Prawn Masala

Fish Masala

cooked with fresh ginger, tomato & touch of cream

Bengal Fish Curry

Pan fried fish cooked in freshly ground spices, Bengal style

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